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Trekk up a 1124 meters (3687 ft) above sea level to the biggest crater you can see on the islands, 10km (6 miles) wide, the second in the world. Visit Sierra Negra volcano. Enjoy a great galapagos islands tour with our full day tour to the most visited volcano in Isabela Island. Along with a naturalist certified guide, explore magnificent views from the summit of this majestuous volcano.


5 hour



Full Day


Naturalist Guide


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Key Features

  • Second biggest crater of the world.

  • Breathe the purest air while enjoying the perfect view of lower lands.

  • Naturalist guide included.

  • Good chance to see: birds, flora and amazing landscape.

  • Great trekking path.

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The Sierra Negra Volcano is located 30min away from town, Puerto Villamil. It is the only volcano that can be hiked up to its crater in the islands, with no restrictions but to be in the company of a certified naturalist guide. We will hike the 12km (7,5 miles) trail starting from the National Park access control. It is a medium difficulty trail with a fare slope.

“An Active volcano”

It is considered the oldest volcanoes of the island, it is in an erupting process at the moment from the 20th of June 2018, there has been 25 mild earthquakes of less than 9 km (5.6 miles) deep. So far the eruptive process is not harmful to the population. This is a good place to observe the rich archeological history of the islands born from fire.

Sierra Negra Volcano
“The View”

On the way up to the volcano you will notice the change in vegetation, from a dry volcanic vegetation to a humid forest to start the hike. Make sure to look around while you walk, you’ll be paralyzed with the most fabulous views of the island, the great contrast of the great highlands landscape and the perfect turquoise of the sea shore.

Sierra Negra Crater
“The Crater”

The second biggest crater of the world after the Tgorontgoro in Tanzania, it´s surely worth visiting. Don’t miss out the amazing photo with the crater, if you can get all of it to fit in the camera. Just close your eyes and feel the immense power of nature and its energy.

Sierra Negra Volcano Hike

  • Only Volcano in Galapagos that can be hiked up
  • Amazing Views
  • Medium Level of experience required
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Sierra Negra Crater

Unnamed Road, Ecuador

Sierra Negra Crater

We will pick you up at your hotel early in the morning to start our journey. You will meet the guide and ride for about 30 – 40 min uphill. You’ll disembark when you arrive to the park control entrance. From there you will start the 12km (7,5 miles) trail.

The guide most likely will ask the group to consider either going to “Volcan Chico” or up to the border of the Crater, democracy rules and the most voted will be taken. The guide will give you a small lunch on the way. The return will have the same logistics down the hill.

Travel Tip

Weather in Isabela is generally warm but there are some months were we have some rain, so it will be a good idea to bring a rain jacket. Of course don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, trail snacks and of course a camera. Besides the view there is a good chance for bird watching.

This walking tour goes from sea level to an altitude of 1100mts (3600 ft), it involves fairly steep climbing. The hike will last about 3 – 4h.


Tour details.

Puerto Villamil - Isabela Island
Departure Time
  • 6:00 am
Return Time
  • 12:00 pm
  • Bilingual guide

  • Transportation

  • Snack

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  • Tips

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5 reviews for Sierra Negra Volcano full day tour

  1. Silvana Delgado (verified owner)

    Prepárate para una gran caminata para ver desde el mismo borde el cráter del volcán y lava petrificada que logró captar el movimiento de la furia de la fuerza de una erupción, una visita increíble a un lugar mágico. No olvides llevar tu sombrero, crema solar y agua

    • Grace


  2. Brishnananda Garcia Delgado (verified owner)

    Long distance walk with out of this world landscapes, the power of lava creating km of land at the feet of one of the larggest craters in the world, is just worth seeing!

  3. Erik Enbody (verified owner)

    This was an gorgeous hike through the highlands of Isabela. An exceptional opportunity to view the islands from high above. The views of the huge crater are absolutely stunning and the guide took us on an informative tour of a lava field from a previous irruption. I’m a birdwatcher and was hoping to see Brujo Flycatcher and Galapagos Martin here – both of which were readily findable on the hike (martin at the crater rim). I can especially recommend the assistance of Grace who arranged this tour and others for me while in the Galapagos!

    • Grace

      I was a pleasure helping you on your Galapagos’ adventure!

  4. Franzi D. (verified owner)

    This long-distance walk has different stages, all beautiful; this scenery is simply one of another kind. The lava creates a specific stunning atmosphere. Definitely worth seeing it.

  5. Michael Garcia (verified owner)

    The hike was absolutely gorguous (we got to see one of the larger craters in the world!), but what really stuck with me is that we got to see the different geological stages of how new islands form: the black, burnt earth of new lava, the red (oxcidized) land with cactus after a few thousand years, then slowly vegetation, then trees, and then the rainforest south-edge of the mountain. It’s like flying through time in a cosmos episode, but you’re actually walking through this scenery. Plus our tour-guide was very knowledgable and accommodating, and made the whole day feel like the best geology class in the entire world. One recommendation: bring lots of sun protection! The ecuatorial sun beats down hard. We were saved because we had an umbrella.

    • Grace

      A top attraction in Galapagos, an active volcano! Full of stories to tell through its landscape.

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