Floreana Island

Floreana is one of the major islands located to the South-west of the archipelago. The smallest town take place here, with less than 200 people, where the first colony was founded in 1832.
You will also have the opportunity to swim in a black sandy beach in Puerto Velasco Ibarra.

Our Best Floreana Island Tours

Our top 5 things to do in Floreana Island

The natural beauty of this island is overshadowed by its peculiar human history.On this island you can do different activities, from diving in crystal clear waters to walking along colorful trails.

Asilo de la Paz

A great place to visit, located a few kilometers from the island of Puerto Velasco Ibarra. Due to the fresh water, this area was inhabited by the first settlers, who found refuge in the nearby caves. In this place, you can easily spot the endemic Medium Tree Finch.

Bay Post Office

Sobre la costa norte se encuentra Bahía Post Office. A principios de los años 1800 balleneros comenzaron a dejar su correspondencia en un barril y tomaban las cartas de otros marineros que se dirigían a su destino. Esta tradición es todavía practicada por los turistas (por supuesto el barril ya no es el original).

Punta Cormorant

It is a light green beach (due to olivine crystals) located between two tuff cones, a colony of sea lions. The trail ascends to a lagoon that is popular with famingos. You can usually see a few dozen flamingos there.

Corona del diablo

One of the most wonderful places to snorkel is Corona del Diablo, a semi-submerged volcanic crater. The interior is sandy and protected from the waves, outside the currents can be very strong. There are some underwater tunnels to be explored. The area is home to lots of colorful fish, sea turtles, and sometimes sharks can also be found.

Baronesa Viewpoint

The Mirador de la Baronesa is a wonderful place and reveals the enchantment of Floreana Galapagos, it is located in the north of the island. Its name is due to a particular story about a baroness and her romances with three individuals, and the tragic murder of the baroness.

Best food in Floreana Island

Gastronomy is important that allows you to discover the magic of this enchanting island. Yuca, cultivated by its farmers, is one of the main ingredients in the culinary offer; the freshness, texture and flavor of the tuber are unique. In addition, it is possible to taste one of the unique marine delicacies such as canchalagua, a mollusk that grows on the rocks and is caught by fishermen at full moon.

Canchalagua ceviche

Prepared based on onion, pepper, green, tomato, salt, lemon juice and fresh canchal water. The canchalagua is a mollusk that is found on the shores, and is collected on the stones of the intertidal zones.

Galapagos Lobster

It is one of the outstanding dishes of the Insular region. The softness of its meat and its exquisiteness make it a versatile product to delight the palate in its different presentations. Tasting it in seafood sauce, in ceviche or on the grill, will be an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Galapagos Coffee

Volcanic coffee, grown in the Galapagos Highlands. Hand-picked by the local community and sun dried in the islands. The miracle of the enchanted islands, make it possible to grow coffee at only 300 meters above sea level. Thanks to the cold and warm currents encounter in the islands help form a foggy allowing a cloud-forest like weather, perfect for the coffee growth.

Fresh Fish and Seafood

Fresh fish and seafood is always offered in every menu at the restaurants in the Galapagos Islands. Tuna fish is an all-time favorite and very popular among the population. A singular fish that is becoming a must, is the “Brujo” fish. It is funny looking fish with white and reddish colors. A real delicacy.


They are prepared with garlic, grilled and even encocado. The flavor of its meat is similar to that of the shrimp from the Coast, but its consistency is a little harder and tastier.

What to pack for Floreana Island

Reusable water bottle

Galapagos is definitely outdoor adventure and a reusable water bottle will help you stay hydrated without contributing to the plastic waste in the pristine islands.

Adaptor plug

The voltage in the Galapagos Islands is 120V and the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B. The standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Wind and waterproof coat

The Galapagos Islands can have very diverse weather. Due to the warm and cold currents meeting onsite different micro-climates are formed. It can be very sunny at the sea shore but raining in the highlands.

Hiking shoes

Whether you’re trekking the through the Galapagos Highlands, or walking on white sand beaches like Tortuga Bay, you’ll need a good and comfortable pair of shoes in Galapagos.

Other things to know before you go

Depending on your nationality, you’ll need a valid passport and may also need visas to enter Ecuador. Please check this well in advance of your trip departure date. Also, COVID restriccions for the Galapagos Islands are changing according to specific situations. Please check with us before traveling.

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