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Floreana is one of the major islands located to the South-west of the archipelago. The official name of this island is in honor of Juan José Flores, the first president of Ecuador, who claim the Galapagos islands as part of the country. The smallest town take place here, with less than 200 people, where the first colony was founded in 1832. During this visit you will learn a lot about the human history of the islands while you visit the highlands of Floreana. You will also have the opportunity to swim in a black sandy beach in Puerto Velasco Ibarra.


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Key Features

  • The Christmas marine iguana

  • Galapagos Sea lions

  • The pirates cave or the Withers’ house

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Floreana is also known as the “mystery island”. Patrick Watkins was the first person who stay for about 4 years in the 1700’s in Floreana. He lived and probably built par of pirates’ caves that you will see on the highlands. This place was also used by the first Germans that settle here. The first couple Dr. Ritter and Dore came, looking for a different way of living, far away from civilizations. They face a hard reality; however, they were able to build a “home”. The Witmer family, also from Germany, follow theirs steps. They found not a welcome by the first settlers, so they have figure out by themselves. Later, a unique character came to Floreana with the idea to build a 5 stars hotel, a Baroness with three lovers. She came with very bossy attitude and with a weapon, so the things in the island change. The Ecuadorian lover run away as soon as he could. The second lover was “adopted” by the Witmer’s, since he was mistreating by the Baroness and his favorite lover. Suddenly one day this woman and his lover disappear, without a credible explanation. The vegetarian Dr Ritter dies for eating a poison chicken. Dore and Margaret Whitmer blame each other in their books that they publish later.

The Christmas marine iguana

This nickname is for a variety of marine iguana that lives in the southern islands as Floreana and Española, Amblyrhynchus cristatus venustissimus. They have a particular coloration pattern beside the normal black, red and green patches covers great part of their body, especially during the mating season, November and December. The green it turn to am almost turquesse in some males.

The pirates cave or the Withers’ house

This caves probably were dig by Patrick Watkins the first Galapagos inhabitat, he spent here for about four to five years. He found the water spring he collected fruits and harvest vegetables, using them to survive, but also to interchange for alcohol with boats that used to visit the island. Finally one boat took him back to the mainland. Nobody knows why he arrived to Guayaquil alone.

The Floreana mockingbird

Mimus trifasciatus is probably the second more endangered species of bird in the archipelago, just a little behind of the mangrove finch. The actual population number is perhaps a little more than a hundred birds. They only survive in two small islets of Floreana: Enderby and Champion. The main cause of it extinction was the feral animal, especially the cats. This bird nest in the lower part of threes the youngs are normally noisy and spend a lot of time on the ground waiting for their parents to come back. Which is a loud invitation for a cat to hunt them.

Day tour

  • Puerto Velasco
  • Asilo de la Paz
  • Pirate´s Caves
  • Black Beach
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Puerto Velasco

Puerto Velasco Ibarra (Insel Floreana), Galapagos, Puerto Velazco Ibarra, Ecuador

Asilo de la Paz

Asilo de la Paz, Puerto Velazco Ibarra, Ecuador

Black Beach

Black Beach House, Puerto Velazco Ibarra, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


You will meet your group in the Main duck in Puerto Ayora. Using an Aqua taxi or a dingy will get on board on an speedy boat. You will sail for about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on sea conditions. You will disembark on the main duck of Puerto Velasco Ibarra, then you will take a bus (modified truck) to the highlands of Floreana (about 20 minutes). Then you will visit the Asilo de la Paz, that include the pirate’s caves, the water supply and the tortoises area. The hike will take about 1.5 hours. You will return to Puerto Velasco to have lunch in a local restaurant and then you will have the opportunity to snorkel or swimming from the Black beach. Then you will return to Santa Cruz island.  

Asilo de la Paz  trails is about 1 km or 0.6 miles, the walk takes 1 hour and a half. 

The snorkel takes normally 45 minutes.

Travel Tip

This could be an intensive journey, but at difference of going to Isabela or Cristobal, there limitation in the number of trips per week. You should be wearing comfortable cloth, bring a rain jacket, sun protection and extra clothing in case you get wet. Good walking shoes, if you need a walking stick you need to ask in advance since the spedy boats don’t have it on board. 

Asilo de la Paz  trails is about 1 km or 0.6 miles, the walk takes 1 hour and a half. 

The snorkel takes normally 45 minutes.


Tour details.

Puerto Ayora
Departure Time
  • 8:00 am
Return Time
  • 5:00 pm
  • Bilingual guide

  • Transportation

  • Lunch

Not Included
  • Extra drinks

  • Tips

  • Wet Suits

Meeting point


Pier 30min before the tour start time

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