Tintoreras Islet Half Day Tour

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Looking for a snapshot of the Galapagos islands, this is your tour. Ride along the bay area of Isabela Island, do a little trekk in Tintoreras islet and some good snorkeling. Have the chance to see penguins, blue footed boobies, iguanas, sharks and more wildlife.


3 hour



Half Day


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Key Features

  • Swim with marine wildlife

  • Great photographs

  • No snorkeling experience required

  • All the equipment provided

From $ 60 / per person


Isabela is the youngest inhabited island of Galapagos. It is also the largest island in the archipelago. Isabela island is known for its spectacular landscapes, immense biodiversity and also the feeling of a peaceful small town of welcoming islanders. It will leave a mark on your heart and memory. Tintoreras islet is just off the shore of the island Capital, Puerto Villamil. A quick ride by the bay will be enough to meet some penguins and blue footed boobies before heading to the islet for a little trekk of nature discovery in the search for tintorera sharks. Enjoy the great snorkeling afterwards, if the weather is right you might even get to swim with sea turtles! In this tour there is a good chance to see: penguins, blue footed boobies, rays, sharks, marine iguanas and colorful fish.

Whitetip Galapagos Shark
“Las Tintoreras sharks”

Tintoreras are reef sharks that are called like this because of the white tips on its tail. They are likely to be found resting in underwater caves but don’t be scared if one swims really close by. They feed on small fish at night time and rest during the day. They are normally docile and used to humans.

Galapagos Green Turtle
“The green sea turtles”

The magnificent green sea turtle inhabits tropical and subtropical coastal waters around the world. Mating season from November to January is the perfect occasion for a breathtaking experience as you watch these big marine animals from the surface of the volcanic rocks or swim them if you think you can keep up. While on the boat, keep your eyes open to see their heads popping out from the water to catch their breath.

“The Blue footed Boobies”

They are a really popular attraction in the Galapagos Islands, even though they are not endemic to the Galapagos. Their lovely blue feet contrast against the black volcanic rocks. Watching them mate is admiring a beautiful wobbly dancing and to the sound of an off tune – flute Their mating ritual is the perfect goofy spectacle. You can tell the youngsters apart from the adults because of their discolored feet and their juvenile aura as they play around with sticks and leaves.

Galapagos Pinguin
“The Galapagos Penguin”

The Galapagos Penguin is endemic to this land and it is the second smallest in the world, the only one capable of living in tropical waters close to the equator line. This is due to the Humboldt and Cromwell currents. Isabela island is the place where you have the better chance to find the galapagos’ penguin.


  • Beautiful Boat ride
  • A Chance to swim with sharks
  • Admire the underwater
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22MR+W2 Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

Whitetip Galapagos Shark

The tour operator will pick you up from the hotel about 30min before departure. They will take everyone to the pier where you will be boarding the boat to take you first around the bay area to spot some penguins, blue footed boodies and some other wildlife.

You will enjoy a little trekk on Titoreras island and a great snorkeling after. Keep your eyes open, there is a good chance to see iguanas, sharks and maybe even a sea turtle.

Travel Tip

Pick up will start 30min before departure, please allow some time for the pick up because they have to pick up every passenger in each hotel. Make sure you don’t eat much before this activity , especially if you get sea sick.

The weather in the islands is generally warm but the water can get really chilly in the rainy season (starting in July through to December, the coldest temperatures being around September). Make sure you bring your windbreaker jacket for the boat ride.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring along underwater cameras and get some award-winning shots of the marine wildlife. It will not be necessary to bring a towel because one will be provided. If you think you will need a wetsuit for this activity let us know to arrange one for you at an extra cost.


Tour details.

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  • 8:00 am
  • 3:00 pm
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  • 11:00 am
  • 6:00 pm
  • Transportation

  • Snack

  • Snorkel Equipment

  • Naturalist Guide

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  • Tips

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  1. Daniela Polanco (verified owner)

    Galapagos is a paradise. Tintoreras tour is incredible, you can see many endemic species. The service was excellent and we were accompanied by the guide all the time.

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