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Have a once in a lifetime experience as you swim close by giant sea turtles, elegant manta rays, quiet and steady Pacific sea horses and curious and colorful coral reef fish. As required by the Galapagos National park,  a naturalist certified guide will show you around as you encounter docile white tail sharks and other wildlife that makes Los Tuneles an exciting and unforgettable adventure.


5 hour



Half Day


Naturalist Guide


1 Lunch

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Key Features

  • Swim alongside marine wildlife.

  • Clear ocean water.

  • Great photographs.

  • No snorkeling experience required.

  • All the equipment provided.

From $ 150 / per person


Isabela is the largest island in the archipelago, its spectacular landscapes and immense biodiversity are unique and memorable, and surely, the feeling of a peaceful small town and welcoming islanders will leave a mark on your heart and memory. The Tunnels consist of rocky formations – a series of arcs and tunnels underneath and above the water made by the flow of lava into the ocean. The calm, clear and shallow waters attract a great variety of sea animals and provide the perfect conditions for snorkeling. Afterwards, a short hike on the black and rough volcanic rock that welcomes the island birds allows visitors to see the different species close up on their nests and resting places.

“Las Tintoreras sharks”

These reef sharks are commonly known as the Tintoreras because of the white tips on its tail. You will most likely find them resting in underwater caves but don’t be scared if one swims by close to you, they feed on small fish at night time and are rather docile and accustomed to humans.

“Galapagos stingrays”

There is a good chance of catching a glimpse of a ray feeding out of plankton near the surface of the ocean from the boat on the way to the snorkeling site. If not, you are surely bound to see the peaceful stingrays hiding in the ocean floor or swimming in the most elegant manner through the clear water of Los Tuneles. Manta Rays sting when they feel danger, therefore no harm is done to humans swimming by, just be careful not to step on them.

Galapagos Green Turtle
“The green sea turtles”

Mating season from November to January is the perfect occasion for a breathtaking experience as you watch these heavy marine animals from the surface of the volcanic rocks or as you try to keep up with them while swimming. While on the boat, keep your eyes open to see their heads popping out from the water to catch their breath.

The Tunnels

  • The Best Snorkeling Tour (land base)
  • Swim with Pinguins
  • Incredible Experience
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Los Tuneles

XWXJ+CW Puerto Villamil, Ecuador

Los Tuneles


The tour operator will pick you up from the hotel and take you to try on your wetsuit and snorkeling gear. A van will take you to the port where a small boat will be waiting for you. Make sure you bring along a windbreaker jacket and sunscreen.  After a 45 minute drive you will reach Los Tuneles. The tour can start with the snorkeling or the hike on the rocky surface, whichever adventure you embark on first will not alter the resulting the experience.

The tour guide will briefly explain the snorkeling technique and provide some helpful tips. Make sure you follow the tour guide along and resist the temptation of wandering about on your own. Enjoy the feeling of gliding through the water, the striking beautiful colors of the corals and fish that inhabit the ocean’s floor and the feeling of being submerged into a miniature land of curious, big eyed creatures. Because the sea animals have no natural predators, they are not scared of humans and some can come up really close to the snorkelers, take into account the National Park’s rule of not touching or feeding the animals.

After the swim, you will enjoy a hot cup of tea aboard the boat and a snack. This is also a good opportunity to chat with your fellow passengers, the crew members and asking the tour guide any question.

The boat will move to a closeby part of the tunnels and you will disembark on to the rocky surface. This short hike is just the thing you need to enjoy the site of seabirds peacefully resting on their white marked nests, the green cactus that stand up tall towards the sky and the magnificent view of sea turtles swimming through the underwater tunnels. If you sit still, you will get a glimpse of the Sally Lightfoot crabs that either blend their dark colors perfectly with the black rocks or stand out entirely with their bright red and blue colors.

The tour ends with the journey back to Puerto Villamil. You can collect photographs taken by the tour guide on a flash memory after a 15 minute wait.

Travel Tip

The tour starts at 8am, the pick up from the hotel is around 7am. You will be back by lunchtime at 1pm, make sure you get some breakfast before this activity, although, if you think you can get dizzy, don’t eat much before this adventure.

The weather in the islands is generally warm but the water can get really chilly in the rainy season (starting in July through to December, the coldest temperatures being around September). Make sure you bring your windbreaker jacket for the boat ride. This is the perfect opportunity to bring along underwater cameras and get some award-winning shots of the marine life. It will not be necessary to bring a towel because one will be provided.


Tour details.

Puerto Villamil
Departure Time
  • 7:30 am
Return Time
  • 1:30 pm
  • Bilingual guide

  • Transportation

  • Snack

  • Snorkel Equipment

  • Towells

Not Included
  • Tips

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5 reviews for Los Tuneles Snorkeling Tour

  1. Silvana Delgado (verified owner)

    El mejor e increíble Snorkeling de mi vida !!
    Vimos tortugas, tiburones, iguanas, pingüinos y caballitos de mar.
    Nos proveyeron de todo lo necesario para disfrutar nadar con estos animales increíbles de Las islas Galápagos.
    Después nos llevaron a un lugar único, un paisaje donde la lava candente se petrificó formando extrañas pero hermosas formaciones rocosas en medio del océano!! Un lugar Imperdible !!

    • Grace

      Qué felicidad ver que la pasaron bien en el Volcán Sierra Negra.

  2. Brishnananda Garcia Delgado (verified owner)

    I’m just gonna say WOW! Great captain, great crew, perfect snorkeling… just out of this world!! Excellent Lunch! Thanks a lot!

    • Grace

      Always a pleasure

  3. Franzi D. (verified owner)

    That was by far the most special snorkelling trip I’ve ever experienced. Never saw such a variety of animals while snorkelling. Plus the crew including the captain was so friendly, and we had a great lunch after the snorkelling. An incredible experience. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

  4. Michael Garcia (verified owner)

    At risk of sounding hyperbolic, this was definitely one of the best experiences, definitely the most memorable, that I’ve had in a long time. I mean, Tuneles snorkeling is like an alien world you’ve been given the privilege to observe for a few hours. Marine turtles, giant colorful fish, sharks, lil shiny fish, colorful corals, even a pinguin! And it’s not just every now and then, you see these everywhere!! you have to experience it, just other-worldly. The place is amazing, and the crew is very professional and know their stuff which enabled us to enjoy to the max. They made evreything look easy even though there are so many things to take care of (timing, food, safety, nature protection, education, etc). Highly recommend this tour. One recommendation: take the wetsuits they offer, because the water ain’t warm!

    • Grace

      Best snorkeling tour in Galápagos.

  5. Anja Kiser (verified owner)

    The best snorkel trip I’ve ever done in my life!
    We saw so many turtles, sharks, different kind of fish and even penguins.
    It’s a must do while in Isabela.

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