Tortuga Bay Beach Day Tour

In Santa Cruz you will find one of the top 10 beaches all over the world, Tortuga Bay. Where you will find beautiful white sand beaches and plenty of wildlife. This beach is a nesting site for the Galapagos green sea turtle. The excursion can be done by food or by boat. There is possible to combine both, to avoid walking in the hottest hour of the day.


4 hour



Half Day


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Key Features

  • Marine Iguanas

  • Galapagos green sea turtles

  • Ground cactus finch

From $ 120 / per person


The entrance is located at the beginning of the Kiosks street (Charles Bindford). After the lava stone steps there is a GNP cabin to register your visit and learn about GNP rules. From that point you walk 1 mile on a pavement stone path, surrounded by the arid forest with several cactus trees (Prickly pear and candelabra cactus) to get to the first white sandy beach (“Playa Brava”). This is a surfing beach only, you are not allowed to swim here, due to the influence of strong currents. However, the landscape, the big marine iguanas and sea birds make it a very nice place for pictures. If you want to swim, you must continue walking for about 0.5 mile to the Calm beach, where you can rest underneath the mangroves and swim, snorkel or to rent a kayak to spend a time with sea turtles, white tip sharks and rays.
You have the option to take a speedy boat on the main duck of Puerto Ayora. In the middle of San Francisco park, you will find a kiosk that have tickets for sale. The departures star at 9 to 11, one per hour. The trip takes about 20 minutes and ends on natural duck on the Calm Beach. You might take this option to go back too, from the Calm Beach. Talk to the captain to know the boat schedule.

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