Hiking and Biking El Puntudo Hill – Galapagos

Surrounded by a beautiful Miconia forest, another endemic specie that grows higher than 350 m (1,148 ft) above the sea level. Here is one of the three sites where de Galapagos petrel nest. It is located about 14 km or 8,7 miles from Puerto Ayora.


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  • Miconia robinsoniana

  • Galapagos rail

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  • Galapagos petrel

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The highest point in Santa Cruz Island is the Croker Hill (2,830 ft. ASL). The site is about 12 km or 7.5 miles from Puerto Ayora. The hike is mostly uphill, in about 2,000 meters (6,560 ft) you get to the “Y” located nearby Media Luna Crater then you can get two points:  to the right (1300 m or 4,300 miles) Croker Hill and to the left 740 m or 2,430 miles The Puntudo Hill, which is where we are going. 


The main attraction is the Miconia forest or “cacaotillo” the spanish name, an endemic bush that grows before the pampa, de highest ecosystem of the island. This area is one of the three nesting sites of the Galapagos petrel (Pterodroma phaeopygia) a critical endangered species. This sea birds arrive at night to this fog forest since March to the end of December. They dig 6ft underground nests, where it lays a single egg. Their main treats are rats and the loss of habitat because of invasive plants like; blackberry, Cinchona, etc. 

Miconia Robinsoniana

This endemic species belongs Melastomatacea family, it is easy to identify since the leaves are simple and opposite with a very characteristic venation pattern (the main veins are palmate at the leaf base, and the secondary vein are parallel as a ladder). The color of this plant is a mix between green, brown and purple. The flowers are purple, the fruits are dark blue. This fruit are a good resource of food for several species of birds.

Galapagos Petrel

This bird is also known as “pata pedada” or “web-footed one”. It is one of the six endemic seabirds of the islands. They spend most of the time at the sea eating invertebrates and fish. When is the breeding season they return to their large colonies locate on the highlands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santiago and Floreana island.

Galapagos Rail

Laterallus spilonotus; this endemic species is a small gruiforme not taller than 5.9 inches, covered with mostly black feathers, with some grey on the top of the head and red-brown patch on back and the winds with white spots and red eyes. Feeds on small snails, dragonflies, seeds and fruits. The best areas to find this elusive bird in near pods.

Painted Bill Crake

This is a native species, the female is quite similar than the Galapagos rail, but the beak got a bright red color on the base and the legs are also red. It's also dark, but without the white dots. The male is much taller and colorful, with metallic green feathers on the back and blue feathers on the chest, long yellow legs and colorful bill (yellow, red and green).

Hiking Galapagos Forest

  • Miconia Forest
  • Amazing Galapagos Landscape
  • Bird Watching
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El Puntudo

9M47+34 Bellavista, Ecuador

Puntudo Hill 584m - 1915ft


Our guide will come pick you up at the hotel. A car will take you up to the Bellavista central park. This is the point where we will start our bike ride. We will ride our bikes uphill until a point called “Media Luna“, a beautiful viewing point where we will leave the bikes and start our hike trough an amazing Miconia forest. Keep your eyes open to see some lovely landscape and birds. We will summit the Puntudo hill and head down to pick up our bikes and head down.

Travel Tip

We strongly recommend for this visit to stay close to the certified GNP guide, here we have had people getting lost. You should wear pants, close shoes and to bring a rain jacket, insect spray and water protection for your cameras. Don’t forget to bring water and some food for extra energy. Be aware that walking down can be painful if you have a bad knee. 


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