The Best of Three Islands

Enjoy your stay in the enchanted islands of Galapagos, visiting three of the fourth inhabited islands: Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal. Let yourself be captivated by the wonderful and extensive species of endemic flora and fauna that this earthly paradise contains.


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Key Features

  • Inhabited islands

  • Endemic flora and fauna

  • Unforgettable experience

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This tour will allow you to visit some incredible places in Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristóbal Islands. You will make memorable experiences, for example, while you are hiking near the giant Galapagos tortoises, or while you are snorkeling with the curious and playful sea lions. In addition, you will learn about the volcanic origin of the islands and you will enjoy some beautiful beaches and views of these lovely islands.

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

This endemic species of the Galapagos Islands is the largest species of tortoise that exists on Earth. It can weigh up to 300 kg and is believed to live around 100 years. They feed on cactus fruits, herbs, leaves, and lichens. They have no natural predators, but their eggs and hatchlings are preyed upon by introduced species such as pigs, rats, and dogs; one of the reasons why they are currently in danger of extinction.

Sierra Negra Volcano

The Sierra Negra Volcano is located 30 minutes away from Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island. It is the only volcano that can be hiked up to its crater in the islands, with no restrictions but to be in the company of a certified naturalist guide. Climbing 1,124 meters (3,687 feet) above sea level to the largest crater you can see in the islands and enjoying the magnificent views from the top of this majestic volcano, is an experience that is definitely not to be missed.

Galapagos Sea Lion

This coastal animal, which is generally playful and curious, measures between 1.5 and 2.5 meters and spends most of its time near the coast. It’s capable of diving to depths of 350 meters and can stay underwater for up to ten minutes. It feeds on a wide variety of fish, but above all sardines, but also octopuses and crustaceans. A single male cares for many females and spends much of his time defending his territory from other males. Females have one calf per year; with a gestation time of 11 months. The young of this species have different barks, in this way the mothers can differentiate their young when they return from hunting food. This species is listed as endangered by the IUCN.

Kicker Rock

In Spanish, "León Dormido" is a rock formation in the middle of the ocean in front of Stephens Bay, about an hour and a half northeast of Puerto Baquerizo. Its name is due to its resemblance to a sleeping lion. The island is a towering, vertical, steep-walled tuff cone that has been split in two by erosion. Its spectacular cliffs and the channel between the rocks are home to precious wildlife such as blue-footed boobies, frigatebirds, sea lions and red-billed tropical birds on the surface. Beneath the surface, it is a great habitat for white tip sharks, large rays, pelagic and reef fish, sea turtles and other incredible species. It is the perfect place to enjoy activities such as diving and snorkeling.

The Best of Three Islands

  • Unmissable places to visit
  • Amazing photos and views
  • Hiking
  • Snorkeling
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Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz, Ecuador

Isabela Island

Isabela Island, Ecuador

San Cristobal Island

San Cristóbal, Ecuador


Pick up at Baltra’s Airport and you will go to the corresponding buses for the transfer to the Itabaca Channel where the ferries will take you to the Island of Santa Cruz. Then you will board the transport that will take you to the upper part of the island, where you will visit ‘Rancho Primicia’ or ‘Chato II’. In this spectacular place, you can find turtles in their natural state.

Finally, you will continue to the Lava Tunnels. You will walk inland for a distance of approximately 100 m, there your guide will give you an explanation about the types of volcanic eruptions that formed the islands.

Speedboat transportation between Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands.

After lunch, you can request a taxi to take you to Concha Perla where you can do some simple and interesting snorkeling.

The Tunnels are rock formations, a series of arches and tunnels above and below the water formed by the flow of lava into the ocean. With enough possibilities to see a great variety of marine animals. There you will do a short walk on the volcanic rock.

Sierra Negra volcano is the only volcano in Galapagos that can be climbed to its crater. You will walk along the 12 km trail, which is a trail of medium difficulty with a slope.

To finish, you will be transported by speedboat from Isabela to Santa Cruz.

Pick up at the hotel at 6 am. You will be transported by bus to the Itabaca Chanel, to board the Adriana yacht. Then, you will navigate to the visitor site where an appreciation walk will take place.

You will enjoy a delicious lunch onboard the Adriana and, in the afternoon, you will do some snorkeling and visit a beach.

You will be transported by speedboat from Santa Cruz to Cristóbal to visit the upper part of this island. A guide will take you through the Progress, tthe Junco Lagoon, the Galapaguera, and the China Port Beach.

Finally, at Mann Beach, which is one of the few public access beaches at sunset, we will enjoy the sunset view just over the horizon.

Departure by boat to the Kicker Rock, where you will snorkel, and also a visit to a nearby beach.

Transfer to the San Cristóbal Island Airport to take your flight to Quito.

Travel Tip

Don’t forget to bring a rain jacket, remember that you will be visiting the coldest spots of Santa Cruz Island. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, trail snacks, a bottle of water, and a camera to better enjoy this tour of the Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristóbal islands.


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