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Take advantage of a private transfer and add a visit to the Galapagos Highlands in the Santa Cruz island. You can get to see the world famous Galapagos turtles as soon as you get to the Galapagos when you visit them in their natural habitat, along with some amazing lava tunnels to beggin the understanding of the island.


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Key Features

  • See Galapagos beauty as soon as you arrive.

  • Meet the Galapagos Giant Tortoise.

  • Discover the volcanic lava tunnels.

  • Great price value.

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The Santa Cruz Island has very diverse climatic floors, the temperature can be hot at sea level and cool in the highlands with different super green flora.

The giant tortoise journey from the coast up to the highlands every year. This journey takes them 6 months each way. With this tour you have the chance to see them passing through one of the ranches in the highlands.

“Galapagos Giant Tortoise”

There are only two islands in the world where you can find giant tortoises; Aldavra Isalnd in the Seychelles, and the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Giant Tortoise can grow over 1.5 meters un lenght and up to 250kg in weight. It still remeinds a mistery how long they can live for, but htere some aproximations taken for their groth ring of at least 150 years.

Cráteres Gemelos
“Los Gemelos”

Located 2km north of Santa Rosa we find two twin sinkholes surrounded by Scalecia forest. This is a perfect place to spot vermilion flycatchers, short-eared owls and finches. Sinkholes are formed when huge lava chambers collapsed. Do not be fooled by its round shape, it is not a volcanic crater.

“Lava Tunnels”

These tunnels are common in the Galapagos Islands. While the volcano is erupting the lava that flows from it forms rivers that spread around. The surface of these rivers cools faster than the inner flow that rushes down the hill fast. When there is no more lava coming out of the volcano an empty tube is left behind with a very solid outside crust.

Transfer + Tortoise visit

  • Enjoy a comfortable right
  • Professional Transportation
  • Personalized service
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Aeropuerto Isla Baltra, Isla Baltra, Ecuador

Tortoise Ranch

El Chato Ranch - Giant Tortoise Reserve, Santa Cruz, Ecuador

Puerto Ayora

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Twin Crater

We will pick you up at the Baltra Airport from your flight, help you with your luggage and all the logistics of transportation. Once on the car we are on the way and ready for the visit.

On the way to Puerto Ayora we will make the first stop at “Los Gemelos” to enjoy the view of this great lava depressions.

On the ranch we will be free to walk among the turtles and explore the lava tunnels. Take your time and relax in some amazing landscapes and the best company. The driver will then take you to your hotel in Puerto Ayora.

Travel Tip

The weather in the islands is generally warm but there are some months where we have some rain, so it will be a good idea to bring a rain jacket. Besides you will be visiting the coldest spots of the island. Of course don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, trail snacks and of course a camera. There is a good chance for you to do some birthwatching.


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7 reviews for Transfer From Baltra + Galapagos Turtles Tour

  1. Silvana Delgado (verified owner)

    Just perfect
    Todo estaba en perfecta sincronización, nos recogieron con nuestros ticketes y nuestro transporte justo a tiempo, viajamos cómodos y pudimos dejar nuestro equipaje en el transporte mientras disfrutamos de la visita al Rancho de las Tortugas, aprendimos sobre su habitad, sus costumbres y tomamos unas fotos increíbles!! Estuvo prefecto! Gracias !!

    • Grace

      Con mucho gusto

  2. Brishnananda Garcia Delgado (verified owner)

    Everything was properly timed, after the transfer we got into a big van just for us, took us to the place to visit the turtles and had a nice lunch at the place. Convenient & Confortable!

  3. Michael Garcia (verified owner)

    Perfect welcome to Galapagos. It’s exciting to see the turtles, and also this tour is low-key enough for the after-travel daze. It was great not having to worry about transport, everything taken care of at the airport and the canal transfer, and stopping at the giant turtle ranch for a walk and a lunch. Needless to say, watching these slow giants is an otherwordly experience, but apart from that every detail was perfect: how much time we had for each activity, the transportation, the lunch (get the seafood pasta!). Always felt we were in good hands. Thank you!!

    • Grace

      Good to read you had fun.

  4. Daniela Polanco (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect. They were waiting for us Just in time, the transportation was very comfortable. We also saved time with the visits on the way and the first image we had of the Island was the best.

  5. Terrill Beau (verified owner)

    We were picked up and taken to the tortoise reserve, given a great tour and saw many of the Galapagos tortoises. At the end we had some Galapagos coffee and some ice cream at the outdoor bar area. Our tour guide was so nice and knowledgeable and my kids loved it as well.

  6. Naomi Bull (verified owner)

    We were picked up directly at the airport – all transportation costs were included and we received help with our luggage. Our guide was friendly and made the transfer super easy. We enjoyed seeing the tortoises and the lava tunnels and the trip was the perfect intensity to enjoy after the plane ride from Quito and was an excellent start to the trip. Would definitely recommend!

  7. Karl Fuentes (verified owner)

    My flight was delayed significantly from Quito, therefore I missed the turtle tour. I am very glad that instead of doing this on my arrival, Ecuadortrails offered to do it on my departure instead. I am grateful that they were able to do this for me, and for the fact that they had the taxi driver wait until I arrived at the airport quite late in the evening already. Thanks so much Ecuadortrails!

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